A Monster Chase, Analysis


“A Monster Chase” is a Bestseller by award-winning author Marion Stahl.

A national effort to target the medical profession began when the “Health Security Act” introduced “Healthcare Offenses” and urged State Medical Boards to pursue aggressive disciplinary actions against doctors.

The approach is of grave concerns as it has depleted the supply of physicians. This summarized version of “A Monster Chase” is intended to serve as a complement to the book for a deeper investigation and understanding of the questions raised by the author: The effectiveness of criminalization in healthcare. This Summary & Analysis also points to serious flaws and weaknesses in our justice system uncovered by this novel. Teachers of civil rights, law, and healthcare policy will find key elements and information on the topic. Marion Stahl illustrates the negative impact on the profession as well as delivery of healthcare. This summary and legal analysis provide an expose about the failures of criminalization to address over-expenditure and reviews critical problems in our justice systems illustrated in the story.

Comments made by reviewers of “A Monster Chase”: “Timely for the current health care debate.” Elgon B. Williams, Florida, Purdue University, Radio and Television Production. “A book worth reading: This story is especially timely now that the health care reform is being implemented.” Michael Tanner, Senior Fellow, Health Care, Cato Institute.

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